Painting on death, face and body

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Bien plus que le squelette, c'est la chair,
je veux dire la charogne, qui nous trouble et nous alarme;
qui nous apaise aussi.

(Emil Cioran, Paleontologie)

Clement Greenberg: "In today's world, it's impossible to paint a face."

De Kooning's response: "That's right. And it's impossible not to."

M i l a n   K u n d e r a 


Oil and acrylic on linen

Tupac /2Pac

Acrylic and oil on canvas board, 2022

Marvelous Marvin Hagler
vs Thomas Hearns

Friedrich Nietzsche/A colpi d'ascia

Oil on linen

Samuel  Beckett

Oil on Linen

George Steiner

Oil on Saunders Waterford Paper

Frank  Auerbach

Oil on Linen

Harold Bloom

Luigi Pirandello

Oil on canvas

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

oil on linen

Mario Adorf/Karl Marx

Don  DeLillo

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Egon Schiele

Men of Stars

Oil on wood

Unnatural History/Che Guevara
and Stephen Hawking

Oil on Linen

Lewis Hamilton/ Fist

Queen Elizabeth's Rhinoplasty

Oil on linen, 2018

"Iconoclasm #1

Lucian  Freud

oil on wood, 2019
* thanks to David Dawson and Adrian Gibbs

Slava Ukraini/Selfie from Kyiv

Acrylic and oil on Bockingford Paper

The Godfather

Acrylic and oil on Saunders Waterford Paper

Bobby Sands

Acrylic and oil on wood

Ronnie The Swimmer

oil and acrylic on Saunders Waterford Paper

"Leçons du mardi à la Salpêtrière/PPP"