Painting on death, face and body

Bien plus que le squelette, c'est la chair,
je veux dire la charogne, qui nous trouble et nous alarme;
qui nous apaise aussi.

(Emil Cioran, Paleontologie)

Clement Greenberg: "In today's world, it's impossible to paint a face."

De Kooning's response: "That's right. And it's impossible not to."

Friedrich Nietzsche/A colpi d'ascia

Oil on linen

Samuel  Beckett

Oil on Linen

George Steiner

Oil on Saunders Waterford Paper

Frank  Auerbach

Oil on Linen

Harold Bloom

Luigi Pirandello

Oil on canvas

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

oil on linen

Don  DeLillo

Oil and acrilyc on canvas

Egon Schiele

Men of Stars

Oil on wood

Unnatural History/Che Guevara
and Stephen Hawking

Oil on Linen

Lewis Hamilton/ Fist

Queen Elizabeth's Rhinoplasty

Oil on linen, 2018

"Iconoclasm #1

Lucian  Freud

oil on wood, 2019
* thanks to David Dawson and Adrian Gibbs

Bobby Sands

Acrylic and oil on wood

Ronnie The Swimmer

oil and acrylic on Saunders Waterford Paper

"Leçons du mardi à la Salpêtrière/PPP"